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The Transport Authority (TA) has the following policy regarding the payment of refunds. The purpose of this policy is to explain to customers and staff when refunds of service fees and product fees will be made by the Agency and how they will be calculated. The TA may update this policy whenever it deems it fit and the details of which will be lodged at our website.
In this Policy the following terms shall have the following meaning except where the policy otherwise requires:-

Service Fees: These are fees paid per application in addition to the regular fees for preparation of licences.

Applications: These are completed forms requesting copies for certificates. Applications are submitted online via the TA website or at any of the TA offices islandwide.

Products: All articles, commodities, goods produced by the Transport Authority.

Full Refunds: The Transport Authority will issue full refunds of fees paid for applications only in special cases. You will receive a full refund of fees paid if the product you requested arrived damaged and after investigation it has been determined that the damage is as a result of TA's negligence. Partial Refunds: You may receive a partial refund of the fees paid if:
You supplied accurate and complete information on your application form and the Transport Authority did not complete production of the licence.

Exceptional Circumstances The TA will consider exceptional circumstances to those described above on a case by case basis on direct application to the Authentication, Verification and Identity Department.

Withdrawing your application: Persons who are no longer interested in getting a road licence after submitting their application may apply for a refund if the road licence has not been processed. These persons should write a letter addressed to the Transport Authority requesting a refund. This should be submitted with the original receipt received on payment of the application fee. Refund cheques will be made payable to the applicant.

Storage fees following a dismissed court case: Persons whose vehicles are seized and have their cases dismissed in court may be entitled to a refund. These persons should write a letter addressed to the Transport Authority requesting a refund of their storage fees. This should be submitted along with a letter from the Court indicating that the case has been dismissed and the original receipt for payment of the fees.